Scuba diving is probably one of the most growing water sports in the last years. In the Medes Islands under water reserve, the Costa Brava has one of the best spots to dive in the Mediterranean sea. You can book one of the PADI diving courses as indicated below or go for a short introduction in one day just to try.

According to the PADI standard, there are different ways to initiate yourself to diving, generally called sea baptisms. The simplest one consists in a real deep sea dive in company of one of our instructors. This introduction is known within the PADI standard as Discover Diving.

Another formula is the one known as the Discover Scuba Diving. Such initiation is done in two sessions which together are the first unit of the Open Water Diver course. There are two differences with the Discover Diving:
- The first one is that you receive a certificate which allows you to do successive dives within the following two weeks, always accompanied by one instructor or dive master.
- The second one is that, if ever you decide to follow with the Open Water Diver course within those two weeks, the fee already paid for the Discover Scuba Diving will be subtracted from the price of the course.

As well as the baptisms, these are done under the guide lines of PADI -Professional Association of Diving Instructors-, the organization of greatest international recognition in sportive diving.
The Padi courses we offer are estructurated in a scale of progressive levels which will furnish the following renowned degrees:

• Open Water Diver.
• Advanced Open Water.
• Advanced Plus.
• Medic First Aid.
• Rescue Diver.
• Divemaster.

The basic course to start with is the Open Water Diver. It takes four to five days and can be done either from Monday to Friday or in two weekends.
The course includes 15 units combining theoretical sessions with exercises in shallow water and deep sea dives. Once having fulfilled the course requirements, you'll receive the correspondent certificate.

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